Welcome to the Lidl Asia Supplier Network.

We source a wide range of hard goods, textiles and food products from more than 13 countries across Asia. Our approach to sourcing business is governed by our Code of Conduct: we work towards efficient, positive and successful partnerships. 

Asia Sourcing for Global Business

Established in 2018, Lidl Asia is a sourcing arm for Lidl International. We work closely with our our strategic partners in production, quality inspection and social compliance.

Performance, quality and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do, and we share our principles with our suppliers. Our internal quality-compliance teams visit factories across the region and work closely with vendors to monitor quality and compliance. We have also appointed an independent laboratory partner, QAT Services, alongside external independent institutes, to provide their quality stamp of approval.

We believe in building long-standing relationships with our partners. We empower small and medium manufacturing companies by helping them to develop their facilities and increase their efficiency. All the factories we work with comply with BSCI and/or SA8000 regulations, which ensure no use of child labour, excessive overtime, unfair wages, hazardous working conditions or any other inhumane treatment.

We are proud to source products with an optimal price-quality ratio without compromising social responsibility. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder to grow responsibly with our business partners.

Here's how we work

Product Development


Compliance & Sustainability