Means of reporting compliance breaches

One of our company’s core principle states that "We comply with applicable laws and internal guidelines". 

Compliance is an essential component of the continued success of our company, and we would like you to know that you can confide in us.

As a responsible company, it is of the greatest importance to us to be able to identify and counteract potential misconduct as early as possible.

Lidl Asia Pte.Limited’s employees and business partners are especially invited to raise serious concerns relating to fraud, bribery and other corrupt business practices within the supply chain or breaches of our policies and procedures via our confidential online reporting system.

Alternatively, you can contact our Legal & Compliance Department by email or telephone.

E-mail: compliance@lidl.sg
Telephone: +852 3840 4830

In addition, Lidl Asia Pte. Limited has implemented an external whistleblowing hotline and online platform. Reports can be made, also anonymously, online, by email or telephone. 

Online: https://integritycounts.ca/org/lidl
E-mail: lidl@integritycounts.ca
Telephone: 800-101-2870 (Singapore Call Toll Free)

Regardless of the method you choose to raise your concern, you can remain anonymous should you so desire.

This whistleblowing process has been set up solely for the purpose of raising concerns about possible incidents of non-compliance; please note that other matters cannot be dealt with via this process.